RRC develops research projects that evaluate the main 3D printing – Additive Manufacturing technologies for polymers (plastic, rubber, biocompatible polymers) for dental applications. The SLA and Polyjet technologies are the most common used 3D printing polymers in dentistry, although the possibilities are moving faster every day. Currently, there are so many possibilities to validate. Just follow us.


We believe that 3D printing polymers for dental applications are a current option that are substituting the current procedures and products. We all have to adjust our clinics to the digital Workflow. These technologies have advantages like material savings, complex geometries and precision control on the procedures. Our estudies try to contribute on the evidence based dental procedures, validating the dental applications of these technologies.

Our Projects

Printed castable patterns

Night guards

Custom trays

Clinical applications

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Impossible geometries

CNC machining does not allow the total geometry´s freedom because it´s limitations with access and bur size. Open your mind and start creating forms without limitations.

- Space
- Cost

Digital workflow allows you to digitalize your cast and other components, we may be free of physical space storehouse soon. The adequate reproducibility make it able to reprint as many times as you need,  just print on demand.


No burs are needed for the fabrication of printed polymers elements. Scan, design and print it with a 3D printer. 2016 is the staring year where every clinic is going to print on demand. Let´s  start .


Have you ever consider using 3D metal structures combined with 3D printed polymers elements for some clinical procedures and improve our productivity on our daily basis? We did it, keep in touch, we´re going to show you how.

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