DiscoverImagine Improve...3D Printing in prosthodontics

Accuracy tooth- and implant-borne reconstructions, Surface characterization, Translational research, Clinical applications

Developing Projects
Evaluating the main 3D printing
Additive Manufacturing technologies for (titanium and Chrome-cobalt) dental applications
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More customizability
New 3D technologies
Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Selective Laser Melting (SLM) and Electron Beam Melting (EBM).
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New Possibilities
Redesigning our techniques
Open your mind to improve your dental techniques with the applications of the latest technologies.
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  • Impossible Geometries

    CNC machining does not allow the total geometry´s freedom because it´s limitations with access and bur size. AM has the possibility to create any geometry you can design.

  • Less Material, Less Cost

    There is approximately a 40% of material saving compared with the CNC machining of a metal framework for implant prostheses, the metal powder is recycled. Interesting?

  • Less Tooling

    No burs are needed for the fabrication of metal frameworks when using additive manufacturing technologies. The CNC machining will be used to define the implant interface.

  • Tech Combination

    It consists on combining the best of the CNC machining and best of the Additive Manufacturing technologies.

Additive in

We believe that Additive Manufacturing technologies will substitute the current procedures in the upcoming months. These technologies have advantages like material savings, complex geometries, good mechanical properties and the closure of the digital cycle. It´s necessary to be updated and known the possibilities and applications of theses technologies in dentistry.

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Metal Projects
3D Printing projects
To create new features.
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