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About us
Dentists and Dental Technicians

The Revilla Research Center RRC was founded with the enthusiasm of a group of dentists and dental technicians eager to keep learning and improving their knowledge, innovating and developing applications of the latest technologies. Always evidence based.

Innovation and improvements

We develop research projects that evaluate and improve the applications of the latest technologies in dentistry. We strive for continuous progress, we want to strengthen and disseminate the newest technologies in our profession.

Our Desires
Better professionals

Our commitment is to offer to our patients the best possible treatment and the latest techniques. Our satisfaction is to bring to life our projects through a better outcome in our clinical treatments.

Together we will achieve more than alone

RRC is a community. We work and support each other in a team, sharing the knowledge and expertise of the members of our organization and within the net of national and international collaborators.

We share information

RRC wants you to have access to its projects, publications, technologies  and the calendar of activities.

National and International

The RRC collaborates with prestigious universities and companies that have technological progress as a competitive advantage. We are always seeking enterprises, universities, societies and groups of professionals in dentistry and outside of dentistry who will help us to develop our projects.

Revilla Research Center
Revilla Research Center

Working Areas

Know about our projects

The RRC is divided into different working areas, each one is related to different specialties in dentistry.



3D Printing - Additive Manufacturing of Metal and Ceramic

Are we going to stop milling?

The mail 3D printing – Additive Manufacturing technologies for metal (titanium and chrome/cobalt) and ceramic with dental applications are the poder bed fusión technologies (PBF): Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Selective Laser Melting (SLM) y Electron Beam Melting (EBM).


3D Printing - Additive Manufacturing of plastic and resins

Are we going to stop using stone or wax?

The main 3D printing – Additive Manufacturing technologies for plastic, composite and resina are: estereolitography (SLA), material extrusion, material jetting and VAT photopolymerisation. These technologies allow to fabricate diagnostic casts, nightguards, dynamic esthetic templates, mock-up, resin or wax patterns and provisional restorations.


Meet the team of the RRC

Director and Collaborators

Director: Marta Revilla León DDS, MSD
European Advisor: Jaime A. Gil DDS
USA Advisor: Lisa Thoms DDS, MSD, FACP

Quality Assurance Coordinators

Research Team


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Open for more communication with you

The headquarter is located in Madrid, Spain.

We have collaborators in different countries around the world.

We are available for any question or suggestion.

Email: info@revillaresearchcenter.com

Revilla Research Center


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